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weekly services

Check gate and fencing
Check for animal damage
Check all windows and doors
for security
Lawn and flower bed maintenance
Check roofing/shingles
Check irrigation
Check snow-load
Check snowmelt
Collect mail and newspapers
Check for any wind or
storm damage
Pick up any debris or garbage
Walk perimeter

Check all utilities/mechanicals
Check and run all appliances
Check for window and
door security
Check water valves for leaks
and drips
Check and reset electrical breakers from power outages
Check heating/cooling system
Check security system
Check lighting
Check smoke/Co2 detectors
Flush all toilets/traps

Vehicle upkeep


arrival/departure services

Arrival Services:
Adjust home temperature
Confirm all utilities are working
Check telephone, satellite
and cable
Open window treatments
Check firewood supply
Reset clocks
Stock groceries and bar items
from client list
Wash/fuel vehicles

Departure Services:
Remove perishable foods
Secure entire home
Remove garbage
Confirm housekeeping
Adjust heating/AC in home


about harmonious homes
We are a small family-owned company that provides our clients with highly personalized services and keen attention to details. Our goal is to be in harmony with our clients’ goals. We expect our clients to enjoy their property while they are here and have total peace of mind while away.
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our services
We are a non-rental home management company for the discriminating second-homeowner. We offer customized services for your specific needs. Harmonious Homes will have your car at the airport when you arrive, fresh flowers on the counter, champagne in the refrigerator, and the hot tub ready for your enjoyment. Let us know of any special requests and we will have them fulfilled before you arrive.

Below is a list of services offered, but not limited to:
Weekly home inspections: see inset

Grounds maintenance:
complete lawn, garden and irrigation services

Home maintenance/handyman services:
we have an in house “on-call” serviceman for all your small carpentry, electrical, plumbing and home maintenance items

Housekeeping services

Vehicle drop-off: Aspen, Aspen Base Operations (ABO) & Eagle Airports

Vehicle maintenance and upkeep:

oil changes, seasonal tire changes, washing and detailing, assistance in the buying or selling of vehicles

Construction procurement:
oversee progress and quality. Digital photos of work performed emailed to you.

Accounting services: monthly,
on-time, bill payment of all utilities
and services necessary to maintain the comfort and function of your home.

Pool and spa maintenance:
weekly inspection of proper operation and chemical levels. We clean all surfaces, empty baskets, clean filters and adjust temperatures to your preferences.

Additional services:
Grocery shopping/bar stocking
Firewood stocking
Shipment acceptance
Pest control
Window washing
Assist in sale or purchase of
new home
Real estate staging

pyramid range
seasonal services
Spring/Summer Services:

Setup and clean patio/lawn furniture
Irrigation startup
Lawn & flower bed spring cleanup
Gutter clean out
Lawn & flower bed maintenance
Vehicle tire change
Fall/Winter Services:

Put patio/lawn furniture away
Irrigation blowout
Snow removal
Vehicle tire change
Check snowmelt system
Check heating system/change filters (if applicable)
Firewood replenishing/stocking
contact us
We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your family. We are confident that your choice will be well rewarded with intelligent and skilled problem solving to protect your investment with personable professionals and superior service.
david gee
po box 2892
basalt, colorado 81621
p. 970.948.3163
f. 970.704.0276
Click here to download a pdf of the grocery list, and either email or fax it back to us and we’ll take care of the rest.
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